Donation of the month: Espanso - Espanso - A Privacy-first, Cross-platform Text Expander

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Each month for the next 6(?) months I'll showcase and donate to a software project that I've found really useful.

For June I've chosen Espanso, an open source text expander tool that's available on MacOS, Linux and Windows. I found Espanso when I was looking for an alternative to TextExpander, which is great, but more geared towards teams, and not free.

Espanso automates the process of typing frequently used phrases by allowing you to create custom shortcuts, which, when typed, expand into the full phrase. It saves a lot of time.

Examples: things you can do

;em | expands into your email address.

;date | expands into the current date.

;uuid | expands into a v4 UUID

and my personal favourite:

;so | expands into 'sorry for the delay in getting back to you'

This is just a sample of all the stuff you can do. Espanso also supports regex matching of triggers, scripts, and libraries of snippets shared by the community.

Espanso uses file-based config, with your settings and shortcuts stored in yaml.