Using Ghost Instead of WordPress

In making this blog half the fun was choosing a CMS. Naturally I'd go with WordPress, but having heard some high praise for Ghost I thought I'd give it a shot.

I've not regretted it at all - I am now an Ghost advocate.

What Ghost is good for

Ghost is ideal for personal blogs or publications that want a really clean admin interface with minimal additional features. Ghost came about after it's founders got annoyed with the complexity of WordPress - all those plugins and menus have given it some bloat. Sure if you need to sell stuff, integrate ads, or you already have a theme in mind, WordPress still makes sense - however for any project that's purely about blogging I'd always go with Ghost now.

You could also go for a static site generator like Jekyll, but I personally prefer something with a bit more power to it.

Compared with WordPress the Ghost writing and admin area is a breeze - it's just so much cleaner and more intuitive.

Theming for Ghost is really nice too - Ghost itself is written in Node JS and is both open source and somewhat extendable; the themes use Handlebars as a templating language.

Ghost have a SAAS offering you can pay for, or you can host it yourself easily enough. There are lots of tutorials for doing so on GCP or Heroku.

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